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3d report 10 Myths about Real Estate: FREE bonus-1

In order to make informed decisions with real estate investment, you need to differentiate truths from myths. Here are some of the myths that you need to take heed, and the real Truth behind them.



3d report How do you Make money with Real Estate: FREE bonus-1

Specifically, there are at least 7 reasons why real estate investment can earn you profits. In real estate investment terms, we call those reasons profit centers.



3d report Private Mortgages and Using your RRSP's: FREE bonus-1
A lot of people invest in paper assets (e.g. mutual funds, stocks, and bonds) with their personal RRSP accounts, but they seldom know that real estate is also an investment vehicle available for their RRSP money.


3d report The Renovation Process: FREE bonus-1

It’s important to have a system for renovation in place because it allows you to remotely handle multiple renovation projects simultaneously and free up your time more for deal hunting. Although renovation is a very extensive area to learn, we’ll break down the process in various steps, so that you can at least gain a general overview of the process.





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After registering on this auction site you will get a fee credit that you can use for listing upgrades or on site advertising.



Special bonus 5 Homes to Financial Freedom: $49.99 bonus-2
A webinar recording explaining how you can achieve the equivalent cash flow of 80 rentals from just owning 5 homes..


Special bonus Making Real Money with Joint Ventures: $49.99 bonus-2
A webinar recording discussing the specifics about Joint Ventures and how they can be a short cut to vast residual profits with very little initial work.


Special bonus Rent 2 Own with No Money and No Risk: $49.99 bonus-2
A webinar recording with over 60 minutes on rent to own secrets and ways to increase your profits in Real Estate investing.


Special bonus A Millionaire's Mindset: $49.99 bonus-2
A webinar recording with over 60 minutes of content giving you an insight into the mindset of a Millionaire where you will learn a bit about business, real estate, and the stock market.



Special bonus Power Investing: $49.99 bonus-2
A webinar recording with over 60 minutes of content giving you an insight into the mindset of a Millionaire where you will learn a bit about the stock market and investing.


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